Educational Videos

The Institute's Media Center at Mumbai produces educational videos appropriate for showing to school and college students, as well as general educated public. The videos aim to introduce the field of consciousness studies in terms of related exciting developments in science and philosophy of science.

A fourteen-part serial entitled Science and You – Exploring Consciousness is under planning and production. Combining computer animation and other audio-visual techniques, the videos will meet the standards for accurate scientific presentation while tracing startling major shifts taking place within science.

  • Computers, Mind and Beyond (link)

Recent lectures by Prof. Ravi Gomatam, the Director:

  • "Matter and Consciousness - How are they related?"

given at Tulane University School of Science and Technology, New Orleans, USA (26.09.2011)

  • “What is Consciousness-Penetrating the mystery.”

given at Loyola University, New Orleans, USA (29.09.2011)

  • “Quantum Reality - Why physicists do not understand it yet?”

given at University of California, Berkeley, USA (16.11.2011)