Colloquium on Consciousness and Science

Since 1990, this colloquium has provided the opportunity for students and research scholars from the San Francisco Bay Area campuses to assemble together and hear from eminent scholars on the latest research in the growing field of consciousness studies. The presentations have been made from established academic disciplines involved in the scientific study of consciousness such as cognitive science, artificial intelligence, psychology, neurosciences, physics, biology, philosophy etc. We have also arranged these meetings to serve as an open forum for the generation of innovative ideas conducive to the development of this field while maintaining rigorous academic standards.

The meetings started immediately in the wake of an international conference organized by the institute on The Study of Consciousness Within Science in San Francisco in 1990. The meetings have been held at the University of California, San Francisco since then. Participants come from all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Some enthusiasts have occasionally come from as far as away as Oregon. They enjoy the lecture for one hour and then engage in a formal question answer session for another hour. A half hour social preceding the function also provides ample opportunity for informal discussions.

Past speakers include Henry Stapp, Joe Kamiya, Amit Goswami, Nick Herbert, Ravi Gomatam, Benjamin Libet, Walter Freeman, Gunther Stent, John Smythies, Bruce Bridgeman, John Searle, Fred Dretske, Colin McGinn, David Chalmers and Stanley Klein. A veritable who-is-who of researchers in this fast emerging new field.

Audio tapes from past meetings are available on request.

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