Selected Books in Cognitive Science

Causal Cognition: A Multidisciplinary Debate {50554}
by Dan Sperberg; David Premack; Ann Premack [Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1996]

Cognitive Neuropsychology - A Clinical Introduction {50637}
by McCarthy; Warrington [Academic Press, San Diego, California: 1990]

Cognitive Psychology. A Students Handbook {50211}
by Michael W.Eysenck; Mark T.Keane [
Psychology Press, UK: 1995]

Cognitive Science. An Introduction (2nd Edition) {50284}
by Stillings; Weisler; Chase; Einstein; Garfield; Rissland [MIT, USA: 1995]

Concepts: Where Cognitive Science Went Wrong {50589}
by Jerry A.Fodor [Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1998]

Conceptual Spaces. The Geometry of Thought {51111}
by Peter Gardenfors [MIT Press, Massachusetts: 2000]

Information, Language & Cognition {50474}
by P.P.Hanson [Oxford University Press, New York: 1994]

Readings in Philosophy & Cognitive Science {50231}
by Alvin I.Goldman [MIT Press, London: 1993]

The Blackwell Dictionary of Cognitive Psychology {50354}
by Michael W.Eysenck [Blackwell, USA: 1990]

The Computer & The Mind {50192}
by P.N.Johnson-Laird [Harvard University Press, USA: 1988]

The Elm and the Expert {50956}
by Jerry A.Fodor [The MIT Press, Cambridge: 1994]

The Embodied Mind, Cognitive Science & Human Experience {50605}
by Francisco J.Varelal; Evan Thompson; Eleanor Rosch [The MIT Press, Massachusetts: 1993]

Understanding Cognitive Science {50618}
by Michael R.W.Dawson [Blackwell Publishers, Massachusetts: 1998]