Selected Books in Physics

A History of Mechanics {50706}
by Rene Dugas [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1988]

A Survey of Physical Theory {50343}
by Max Plank [Dover Publications, London: 1993]

A Treatise on Electricity & Magnetism Vol.I {50477}
by J.C.Maxwell [Dover Publications, New York: 1954]

A Treatise on Electricity & Magnetism Vol.II {50476}
by J.C.Maxwell [Dover Publications, New York: 1954]

Albert Einstein's Philosophical Views & The Theory of Relativity {50040}
by D.P.Girbanov [Progress Publishers, Moscow: 1987]

Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity: Emergence (1905) & Early Interpretation (1905 - 1911) {50600}
by Arthur I.Miller [Springer - Verlag, New York: 1997]

An Equation That Changed The World: Newton, Einstein & The Theory of Relativity {50665}
by Harald Fritzsch; Translated by Karin Heusch [The University of Chicago Press, Chicago: 1997]

Asymmetries in Time. Problems in The Philosophy of Science. {50227}
by Paul Horwich [MIT Press, London: 1987]

Atom and Archetype. The Pauli Jung Letters 1932--1958 {51172}
by C.A.Meier [Princeton Univ. Press, New Jersey: 2001]

Black Holes & Baby Universes & Other Essays {50205}
by Stephan Hawkings [Bantam Press, Aucklland: 1993]

Black-Body Theory & The Quantum Discontinuity (1894 - 1912) {50703}
by Thomas Kuhn [The University of Chicago Press, Chicago: 1978]

Causality & Chance in Modern Physics {50095}
by David Bohm [University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia: 1984]

Classical & Modern Physics {50002}
by Harvey E.White [D Van Nostrand Co. Inc., New York: 1940]

Classical Mechanics {50444}
by Herbert Goldstein [Narosa Publishers, New Delhi: 1980]

Concepts of Mass in Classical & Modern Physics {50629}
by Max Jammer [Dover Publication Inc., New York: 1997]

Concepts of Space {50161}
by Max Jammer [Dover Publications, New York: 1993]

Conceptual Developments of the 20th Century Field Theory {50570}
by Tian Yu Cao [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 1998]

Conceptual Foundations of Quantum Mechanics {51175}
by Bernard D'Espagnat [Advanced Book Program Perseus Books, U.S.A.: 1976]

Differential Space, Quantum Systems & Predictions {50334}
by Wiener; Siegel; Rankin; Martin [MIT Press, USA: 1996]

Einstein - The Man & His Achievments {50400}
by G.J.Whitrow [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1973]

Einstein's Theory of Relativity {50403}
by Max Born [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1962]

Electricity and Man {50974}
by V.Manoilov [Baker Book House, USA: 1978]

Elementary Principle in Statistical Mechanics {50523}
by Gibbs J.W. [Oxbow Press, Woodbridge, UK: 1981]

Elements of Quantum Mechanics {51238}
by Michael D.Fayer [Oxford Univ. Press, NewYork: 2001]

Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory {50367}
by Reitz; Milford; Christy [Addison Weseley, USA: 1979]

Foundations of Physics {50282}
by Robert Bruce Lindsay; Henry Margenau [Ox Bow Press, USA: 1957]

Foundations of Space Time Theories {50412}
by Michael Friedman [Princeton University Press, Princeton: 1983]

From the Closed World to the Infinite Universe {51220}
by Alexandre Koyre [The John Hopkins Press, U.S.A.: 1957]

Fundamentals of Physics. Vol. I {50121}
by B.M.Yavorsky; A.A.Pinsky [Mir Publications, Moscow: 1987]

Fundamentals of Physics. Vol. II {50122}
by B.M.Yavorsky; A.A.Pinsky [Mir Publications, Moscow: 1987]

Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics {50120}
by V.A.Fock [Mir Publications, Moscow: 1978]

General Relativity - From A to B {50693}
by Robert Geroch [The University of Chicago Press, Chicago: 1981]

Geometry, Relativity & The Fourth Dimension {50379}
by Rudolf V.B.Rucker [Dover Publications, New York: 1990]

Gravitation & Elementary Particle Physics {50119}
by A.A.Logunov(Ed.) [Mir Publications, Moscow: 1983]

Hidden Unity in Natures Laws {51233}
by John C.Taylor [Cambridge Univ. Press, U.S.A.: 2001]

How is Quantum Field Theory Possible {50178}
by Sunny Y Auyang [Oxford University Press, New York: 1995]

Ideas & Opinions {50336}
by Albert Einstein [The Modern Library, USA: 1994]

Incompleteness, Nonlocality & Realism {50185}
by Michael Redhead [Clarendon Press, New York: 1987]

Introduction to Hilbert Space and the theory of Spectral Multiplicity {51245}
by Paul R.Halmos [Chelsea Pub. Co., U.S.A.: 1951]

Introduction to The Theory of Relativity {50123}
by P.G.Bergmann [Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd., India: 1987]

Investigations on The Theory of Brownian Movement {50520}
by Einstein A. [Dover Publications Inc., USA: 1956]

Inward Bound {50125}
by Abraham Pais [Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1986]

Lectures on Gas Theory {50376}
by Ludwig Boltzmann [Dover Publications, New York: 1972]

Looking Glass Universe {50315}
by John P.Briggs; F.David Peat [Simon & Schuster, USA: 1984]

Mach's Principle: From Newton's Bucket to Quantum Gravity {50639}
by Julian B.Barbour; Herbert Pfister (Ed.) [Birkhauser Sponsorship of The Center for Einstein Studies, Massachusetts: 1995]

Masters of Time: Cosmology at The End of Innocence {50635}
by John Boslough [Addison - Wesley Publishing Company, Massachusetts: 1993]

Matter & Mind. Imaginative Participation in Science {50209}
by Stephen Edelglass; George Maier; Hans Gebert; John Davy [Lindisfarne Press, New York: 1992]

Matter & Motion {50389}
by James Clerk Maxwell [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1991]

Maxwell on the Electromagnetic Field: A Guided Study {50619}
by Thomas K.Simpson [Rutgers University Press, New Jersey: 1997]

Mind, Matter and Quantum Mechanics {51157}
by Henry P.Stapp [Springer Verlag, Germany: 1993]

Modern Theories of The Universe {50381}
by Michael T.crowe [Dover Publications, New York: 1986]

Niels Bohr's Times. In Physics, Philosophy & Polity {50342}
by Abraham Pais [Springer Verlag, Germany: 1993]

Nuclear Physics {50420}
by Irving Kaplan [Addison Wesley, Banalore, India: 1962]

Order Chaos Order. The Transition from Classic to Quantum Physics {51092}
by Philip Stehle [Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford: 1994]

Particles & Paradoxes {50172}
by Peter Gibbins [Cambridge University Press, New York: 1987]

Perspectives in Quantum theory {50181}
by Alwyn Vander Merwe; Wolfgang Yourgray(Ed.) [Dover Publications, New York: 1979]

Philosophical Consequences of Quantum Theory {50176}
by James T.Cushing; Ernan McMullin(Ed.) [University of Notre Dame Press, Indiana: 1989]

Philosophical Problems of Space & Time {50414}
by Adolf Grunbaum [Alfred A Knopf Inc., Toronto: 1963]

Physical Vacuum: What is it? Something Called Nothing {50043}
by R.Padolny [Mir Publishers, Moscow: 1986]

Physics & Beyond {50322}
by E.C.G.Sudarshan (Ed) [Bhaktivedanta Institute, Bombay, India: 1986]

Physics & Philosophy {50166}
by James Jeans [Dover Publications, New York: 1981]

Physics and Chance {50482}
by Lawrence Sklar [Cambridge University Press, UK: 1993]

Physics for the Life & Health Science {50009}
by G.G.MacDonald; M.Burns [Addision Wesley Publ. Co., Canada: 1975]

Physics of The 20th Century. History & Outlook {50044}
by Translated by Alexander Repyev [Mir Publishers, Moscow: 1987]

QED & The Men Who Made It {50179}
by Silvan S.Schweber [Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1994]

Quanta {50890}
by P.W.Atkins [Oxford University Press, New York: 1974]

Quantum Generations: A History of Physics in the 20th Century {50892}
by Helge Krag [Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1999]

Quantum Mechanics {50136}
by A.K.Ghatak; S.Lokanathan [MacMillan India Ltd., Madras: 1984]

Quantum Mechanics {50184}
by Leonard I.Schiff [McGraw Hill Book Co.: 1955]

Quantum Mechanics {50115}
by S.L.Kakani; H.M.Chandalia [Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi, India: 1988]

Quantum Mechanics & Consciousness {50363}
by Ravi V.Gomatam [Bhaktivedanta Institute, Bombay: 1992]

Quantum Philosophy: Understanding & Interpreting Contemporary Science {50898}
by Omnes Roland [Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1999]

Quantum Questions. Mystical writings of the worlds great Physicists {51148}
by Ken Wilber[Ed] [New Science Library, U.S.A.: 1984]

Quantum Revolution I. The Breakthrough {50445}
by G.Venkataraman [Sangam Books, London: 1994]

Quantum Revolution II. QED The Jewel of Physics {50446}
by G.Venkataraman [Sangam Books, London: 1994]

Quantum Revolution III.What Is Reality? {50447}
by G.Venkataraman [Sangam Books, London: 1994]

Quantum Theory {50174}
by David Bohm [Dover Publications, New York: 1979]

Quantum Theory & The Schism in Physics {50177}
by Karl R.Popper [Routledge, New York: 1992]

Relativity & Geometry {50406}
by Roberto Torretti [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1996]

Science of Mechanics {50413}
by Ernst Mach [The Open Court Publication Co., La Solle: 1989]

Sources of Quantum Mechanics {50182}
by B.L.Vander Waerden [Dover Publications, New York: 1968]

Space Time Gravitation {50068}
by Vladimirov U. [Mir Publishes., Moscow: 1987]

Space, Time & Space-time {50410}
by Lawrence Sklar [University of California Press, Berkeley: 1997]

Space, Time, Matter {50283}
by Hermann Weyl [Methuen & Co. Ltd., USA: 1952]

Sphereland: A Fantasy About Curved Spaces & An Expanding Universe / Flatland A Romance of Many Dimensions {50556}
by Dionys Burger (Translated from the Dutch by Cornelie J. RAEA [Harper Collins Publications, New York: 1994]

Statistical Physics {50524}
by Wannier G.H. [Dover Publication Inc., New York: 1966]

Statistical Physics - I :Course of Theoretical Physics {50700}
by E.M.Lifshitz; L.P.Pitaevskii [Butterworth - Heinemann, Oxford: 1998]

Statistical Physics - II :Theory of The Condensed State {50701}
by E.M.Lifshitz; L.P.Pitaevskii [Butterworth - Heinemann, Oxford: 1998]

Statistical Thermodynamics {50668}
by B.J.McClelland [Chapman & Hall Ltd., London: 1979]

Statistical Thermodynamics {50399}
by Erwin Schrodinger [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1989]

Superstrings: A Theory of Everything {50626}
by P.C.W.Davies; Julian Brown (Ed.) [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 1997]

Symmetries & Reflections {50100}
by Eugen P.Wigner [Indiana University Press, London: 1967]

Symposium on The Foundation of Modern Physics. {50239}
by Pekka Lahti & Peter Mittelstaedt [World Scientific Publishing Co., USA: 1987]

The Beat of a Different Drum. The Life and Science of Richard Feynman {50572}
by Jagdish Mehra [Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1996]

The Classical Electromagnetic Field {50388}
by Leonard Eyges [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1980]

The Conceptual Foundations of the Statistical Approach in Mechanics {50378}
by P&T Ehrenfests [Dover Publications, New York: 1971]

The Description of Nature {50175}
by John Honner [Clarendon Press, New York: 1987]

The Direction of Time {50409}
by Hans Reichenbach [University of California Press, Berkeley: 1991]

The Encyclopedia of Ignorance. Eng-Dutch Small Std. Dictionary {50110}
by Weston; Smith; Miranda [Pocket Books, New York: 1978]

The End of Certainty: Time, Chaos & The New Laws of Nature {50782}
by Ilya Prigogine in Collaboration with Stengers [The Free Press, A Division of Simon & Schuster Inc., New York: 1997]

The End of Physics {50366}
by David Lindley [Basic Books, USA: 1993]

The Evolution of Physics {50281}
by Albert Einstein; Leopold Infeld [Simon & Schuster, USA: 1938]

The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Vol. I {50233}
by Feynman; Leighton; Sands [Addison-Wesley Publishing, Massachusetts: 1963]

The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Vol. II {50234}
by Feynman; Leighton; Sands [Addison-Wesley Publishing, Massachusetts: 1963]

The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Vol. III {50235}
by Feynman; Leighton; Sands [Addison-Wesley Publishing, Massachusetts: 1963]

The Greatest Speed {50041}
by S.R.Filonovich [Mir Publishers, Moscow: 1986]

The Greatest Speed {50116}
by S.R.Filonovich [Mir Publishers, Moscow: 1986]

The Historical Background of Chemistry {50377}
by Henry M.Leicester [Dover Publications, New York: 1972]

The Large, The Small & The Human Mind {50680}
by Roger Penrose; et al; Malcolm Longair [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 1999]

The Life of Issac Newton {50616}
by Richard S.Westfall [University of Cambridge, Cambridge: 1994]

The Life of the Cosmos {50682}
by Lee Smolin [Oxford University Press, New York: 1998]

The Logic of Modern Physics {50301}
by P.W.Bridgman [Ayer Co. Publishers, USA: 1955]

The Measure of The Universe {50371}
by J.D.North [Dover Publications, New York: 1990]

The Metaphysics of Quantum Theory {50171}
by Henry Krips [Claredon Press, New York: 1987]

The Natural Philosophy of Time {50386}
by G.J.Whitrow [Clarendon Press, Oxford: 1980]

The Odd Quantum {50907}
by Sam Treiman [Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1999]

The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics (An Interactive Interpretation) {50245}
by Richard Healey [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 1989]

The Philosophy of Space & Time {50352}
by Hans Reichenbach [Dover Publications, Canada: 1958]

The Physicists Conception of Nature {50151}
by Jagadish Mehra [D. Reider Publishing Co., Holland: 1987]

The Quantum Theory of Motion: An Account of The De Broglie - Bohm Causal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics {50643}
by Peter R.Holland [Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK: 1997]

The Role of Ergodicity in Foundations of Statistical Mechanics-A Critical Review [M S Thesis]. {51179}
by Shaji V.Thomas [Bhaktivedanta Institute, Mumbai, India: 2000]

The Science & Life of Albert Einstein {50337}
by Abraham Pais [Oxford University Press, USA: 1982]

The Special Theory of Relativity {50689}
by David Bohm [Routledge, London: 1996]

The Strange Story of The Quantum {50303}
by Banesh Hoffmann [Dover Publications, USA: 1959]

The Structure & Properties & Materials Electronic Properties Vol. IV {50012}
by R.M.Rose; L.A.Shepard; J.Wulff [Wiley Eastern Publ. Ltd., New Delhi, India: 1971]

The TAO of Physics {50004}
by Fritjof Capra [Shambala Publications, Berkeley: 1975]

The Theory of Sound. Vol. I {50646}
by J.W.S.Rayleigh [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1945]

The Theory of Sound. Vol. II {50647}
by J.W.S.Rayleigh [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1945]

The Tiger & The Shark - Empirical Roots of Wave Particle Dualism {50339}
by Bruce R.Wheaton [Cambridge University Press, USA: 1988]

The Undivided Universe {50180}
by David Bohm; B.J.Hiley [Routledge, London: 1993]

The Voices of Time {50407}
by J.T.Fraser [The University of Massachusetts, Amherst: 1981]

Thematic Origins of Scientific Thought. Kepler to Einstein {50200}
by Gerald Holton [Harvard University Press, USA: 1973]

Theory of Relativity {50333}
by W.Pauli [Dover Publications, USA: 1958]

Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics {50521}
by Landsberg P.T. [Dover Publication Inc., New York: 1990]

Time's Arrows Today - Recent Physical & Philosophical Work on The Direction of Time {50522}
by Saviti S.F. [Cambridge University Press, UK: 1995]

Understanding Thermodynamics {50394}
by H.C.Van Ness [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1983]

Universal Physical Constants {50118}
by O.P.Spiridonov [Mir Publications, Moscow: 1986]

Waves & Grains :Reflection on Light & Learning {50694}
by Mark Silverman [Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1998]

Waves & Oscillations {50006}
by R.A.Waldron [East - West Press Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India: 1964]

What is Science? {50395}
by Norman Campbell [Dover Publications Inc., New York: 1983]

Where Does The Weirdness Go? Why Quantum Mechanics is Strange But Not So Strange As You Think {50681}
by David Lindley [Basic Books, New York: 1996]

World Enough & Space Time {50408}
by John Earman [The MIT Press, Massachusetts: 1989]

Writings on Physics & Philosophy {50448}
by Wolfgang Pauli [Springer Verlag, Germany: 1994]