Selected Books in Psychology

A Dictionary of Psychology {50084}
by James Drever [Penguin Books - Aylesbury, London, UK: 1956]

An Introduction to Parapsychology {50206}
by H.J.Irwin [Macfarland & Co., USA: 1994]

Four Archetypes {50895}
by C.G.Jung [Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1959]

Gestalt Psychology in German Culture 1890-1967 {50944}
by Mitchell G.Ash [Cambridge University Press, New York: 1998]

Gestalt Psychology: The definitive statement of the Gestalt theory {50946}
by Wolfgang Kohler [Liveright Publishing Corporation, New York: 1947]

How A Child Thinks {50148}
by Dorothy Singer; Tracey Revenson [A Plume Book, USA: 1978]

Image & Mind {50602}
by Stephen M.Kosslyn [Harvard University Press, Massachusetts: 1980]

Introduction to Psychology (5th Edition) {50056}
by Morgan C.T.; King R.A. [Tata McGraw-Hill Publications Co., India: 1975]

On Metapsychology : The Theory of Psychoanalysis {50787}
by Sigmund Freud [Penguin Books, USA: 1984]

Our Age of Unreason {50977}
by Alexander Franz [J.B Lippincott Co, New York: 1942]

Principles of Psychology {50147}
by Gregory A.Kimble; Norman Garmezy; Edward Zigler [Wiley Eastern Ltd.: 1989]

Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint {50954}
by Brentano Franz [Routledge, Canada: 1995]

Representation & Recognition in Vision {50697}
by Shimon Edelman [The MIT Press, Massachusetts: 1999]

Synchronocity-An Acausal Connecting Principle {50909}
by C.G.Jung [Princeton University Press, New York: 1960]

Talks to Teachers on Psychology {50075}
by William James [The Norton Library, New York: 1958]

The Architecture of Language {50963}
by Noam Chomsky [Oxford Univ. Press, New Delhi: 2001]

The Emotional Brain. The Mysterious Underpinning of Emotional Life {50770}
by Joseph E.Ledoux [Simon & Schuster Inc., New York: 1998]

The Essential Jung :Selected Writings {50945}
by Anthony Storr [Princeton University Press, New Jersey: 1993]

The Intelligent Eye {50085}
by R.L.Gregory [Widenfield & Nicolson, London, UK: 1980]

The Philosophy of Psychology {51091}
by George Botterill and Peter Carruthers [Cambridge Univ. Press, U.K.: 1999]

The Principles of Psychology. Vol.I {50309}
by William James [Dover Publications, Canada: 1950]

The Principles of Psychology. Vol.II {50310}
by William James [Dover Publications, Canada: 1950]

The Psychology of Attention {50942}
by Harold E.Pashler [MIT Press, Cambridge: 1999]

The Psychology of Invention in The Mathematical Field {50240}
by Jacques Hadamard [Dover Publication, New York: 1954]

The Psychology of Transcendence {50370}
by Andrew Neher [Dover Publications, New York: 1990]

The Psychology of Visual Illusion {51159}
by J.O.Robinson [Dover Pub. Inc., U.S.A.: 1998]

Working With Emotional Intelligence {50779}
by Daniel Goleman [Bloomsbury Publications, London: 1998]