List of New Books

Updated May 18, 2002


  • Geometry of Physics, An Introduction, by Frankel, T. [Cambridge Press: 2001]
  • Mechanics-From Newton's laws to Deterministic Chaos, by Scheck, F. [Springer: 1999]
  • Does God Play Dice - The New Mathematics of Chaos, by Stewart, I [Blackwell: 2002]
  • The Golden Age of Theoretical Physics (2 vol set), by Mehra, J. [World Scientific: 2001]
  • Three Roads to Quantum Gravity, by Smolin, L. [Basic Books: 2001]
  • Concepts of Force, by Max Jammer [Dover: 1999]
  • Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Statistics, by Khinchin, A. Y. [Dover: 1998]


  • Philosophy of Social Science, by Rosenberg, A. [Westview Publishing: 1995]


  • Thinking, Problem Solving, Cognition, by Richard E. [Meyer Freeman: 1992]


  • Mathematics: Frontiers and Perspectives, by Arnold, V., Atiyah, M. [Am. Math. Society: 2000]
  • Mathematics Unlimited - 2001 and Beyond, by Enguist, B. & Schmid, W. [Springer: 2000]
  • Mathematical Logic, by Ebbinghaus et al [Springer: 1994]
  • Mathematical Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics, by Kneebone, G.T. [Dover: 2001]
  • Mathematical Logic - A course with exercises, by Cori, R. & Lascar, D. [Oxford: 2001]
  • Absolute Differential Calculus (Calculus of Tensors), by T. Levi Cevitta [Dover: 1977]
  • Introduction to Hilbert Spaces with Applications, by L. Debnath & P. Mikusinski [Academic: 1999]


  • The Structure of Evolutionary Theory, by Gould, S. J. [Harvard Univ Press: 2002]