Shaji Thomas (Year: 1999)

M.Sc. (Physics), University of Calicut, Kerala
M.S. Consciousness Studies, Bhaktivedanta Institute, Mumbai & BITS, Pilani, India

Project Report: "Language Functions of Brain and Aphasia" (1997)
Guide: Dr. James Newman

M.S. Dissertation Title: "The Role of Ergodicity in Foundations of Statistical Mechanics - A Critical Review"
Guide: Dr. L. Behera, L. and Dr. P. K. Joshi

Research interests: Foundations of statistical mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, black body radiation, foundations of quantum mechanics and philosophy of science

Personal statement: I hail from a farmer's family at Kerala and worked as a Post Graduate Teacher in Govt. of Sikkim. In 1997, I came to know about the MS program at the 2nd World Congress in Calcutta, organized by the Bhaktivedanta Institute. The conference proceedings were an eye opener for me in the matters related with cutting edge scientific research. I was fascinated to know that an interdisciplinary field, 'consciousness studies', is very much into the mainstream research. Out of inner conviction I entered into this entirely new arena. During my stay at the Institute, I was exposed to the Institute's in-house research that was nurtured many years. Central to this research is the 'relational viewpoint' that is being developed by the director of the Institute. This approach would be a broader view of the notion of matter to be conceived somewhat different from the atomic and molecular worldview. I am proud to be a part of this team who always uphold the vision to contribute something substantial for the next generation.

It is also quite remarkable to acknowledge that the assistantship offered by the Institute made me enter into the hardcore administration of the Institute. The unique library collection, system setup and excellent hostel facilities helped me to take up various projects of the Institute without worrying about my basic necessities. The assistantship helped me to learn many organizational and academic skills to be adopted by any organization. After going through this graduate program, the student not only is eligible for an internationally valid university degree, but is also well equipped to face challenges in his/her life. A positive approach to this program is a lifetime investment for the professional as well as one's personal life.