Rohit Gupta (Year: 2003)

M.Sc. (Mathematics), Mumbai University

Research Interests: theoretical physics and philosophy
Currently working at eClerx--a KPO
Dissertation Title: Non-standard Models of Peano Arithmetic—A Review

Personal statement:
I live in Mumbai and have completed my education over here. I developed interest in research during B.Sc. I have been interested in mathematics because it requires sharp logical mind. Mathematics helped me to sharpen my logical skills.
I developed certain ideas about doing research during B.Sc. I always wanted to get to the roots of whatever I was doing, because I believe that understanding the fundamental issues is a necessity for complete understanding and innovation. So, I joined M.Sc. course in mathematics at Mumbai University with the idea of pursuing research in mathematics. But there I felt that these courses do not answer the fundamental questions like why certain things are true. Many of these fundamental questions cannot be answered or probably do not have any answers but one can at least discuss these issues. Such kinds of discussions are generally not entertained in our education system. Especially, in mathematics, which originates from human mind, one should know how a certain idea was realized and was thought of.
I became interested in this M.S. course because the curriculum deals with such fundamental questions. Here the teachers are very helpful and encourage all sorts of questions from the students. The library is excellent and the other facilities like computer, accommodation are also good.