Anand Kamal (Year: 2004)

B.E. in Medical Electronics, Vishveswaraiah Technological University, Belgaum Karnataka

Research interests:

Philosophy, cognitive neuroscience and perception
Currently working for IPPro (a patent services firm) in Bangalore.

Abstract of Thesis

Personal statement:
When I saw the B.I. poster for the first time, I had envisioned B.I. as more of a research institute than an academic one. Apart from the fascination of the course itself, the exploratory atmosphere that a research institute creates was a compelling reason for me to join B.I. Two semesters into the course, the excitement that the poster created within me is very much alive and growing. 
My experience at B.I. so far has been very pleasant. To begin with, I must say that my stay was made very comfortable here with convenient lodging and healthy food. I couldn’t have benefited from the course had this not been so. The institute was kind enough to grant scholarship to me which has enabled me to pursue my study here without any financial worries.
I find the course content to be very comprehensive. What impresses me more is the scholarly way in which the entire program is conducted. By emphasizing on investigative learning and critical thinking, the lectures and class discussions have inculcated a strong research culture in me. The guided study projects gave me an opportunity to know what it’s like to research on a scientific topic. The course design makes ample time available for this activity.  Besides imparting interdisciplinary knowledge, the lectures here have shaped me into a mature thinker. Thus, this course has truly been a stepping stone to research for me.
The fellow students here are well versed in their respective fields. My interaction with them has broadened my knowledge to a large extent. Frequent informal discussions with them have sharpened my thinking, and improved my ability to articulate my ideas clearly and concisely.