Shikhar Maheshwari (Year: 2008)

B. Pharm (Hons), Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, U.P.

Personal statement:
We had always heard that we need to be conscious of the activities we do and what we think. But what we mean by telling one needs to be "conscious". I studied science in my school days, junior college as well as in my Engineering. There were many questions which were there at school and college levels but were never answered by my teachers, elders or peers regarding science and scientific theories and the way they are there. We had studied various theories which we used to cram up for the sake of examinations but never tried to understand the scientific basis behind them and the impact they had in our day to day lives. There were so many theories which were nothing more than theories which I read but could never understand the significance they had without the inclusion of the principle faculty to understand them and that is "consciousness". The question as to how science and scientific theories has an impact to our lives and its influence on the fabric of the society was mostly an unanswered question and will remain unanswered without understanding "consciousness".
 With this background, I joined the Bhaktivedanta Institute for pursuing MS in Consciousness Studies. It gives you a really rare opportunity to study as well as raise the fundamental questions of science and probe for answers in the paradigm of science. Consciousness Studies promises a landmark in a new way of looking at the structure of matter in a comprehensive and holistic way.
 One of the aspects of this program that I liked the most is its inter-disciplinary nature. This feature of the program will help me stand in good stead as regard industrial and research prospects, because these days people with inter-disciplinary exposure are preferred in industries as well as research.
 After having done my B. Pharm.(Hons.) and with a 3 year experience as a Software Developer, I would like my skills be utilized to be a part of solution to problems in the field of consciousness studies.